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“A Message In The Storm” is about life conditions, tests, trials and tribulations that we all go through in life. Through it all, God has promised to bring us through as long as we keep our trust in him. “A Message In The Storm” takes place in a small, I mean small country town call, Fatback, Florida . After Pastor Eugene Sinkfield, better known as the Boogie Woogie Preacher hears a late night emergency announcement on the radio station that Tropical Storm Junebug has been up-graded to a Category One Hurricane, and that there are no more shelters in town, he decides to use his church, Down To Earth Christian Ministry as a shelter. The characters in this play at some point in their lives made decisions or will make decisions that have brought about or will bring about a change in their lives. The message of salvation is making its way through Fatback, Florida , through its audience, and throughout the world. This unique theatrical play (ministry) is inspirational, realistic and down-right hilarious! This is a must see production!

A Message in the Storm

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