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About Pensacola Community Arts and Recreation Association - PCARA Online

The Pensacola Community Arts and Recreation Association has existed since June of 1987. It was formed to assist in the prevention of illegal drug use, pregnancy, and violence among the youth throughout the Pensacola community. PCARA is a community-based organization composed entirely of volunteers.

The Objectives of PCARA are to:

Provide youth with social and academic skills (while sharing experiences) that will enable them to resist illegal drug use, teen pregnancy, and violence successfully.

Safeguard children against risk factors by increasing the protective factors, including Positive social bonding, Commitment to school and family, And the development of life skills.

We provide a structured learning environment for students to gain skills through fun and non-judgemental activities, including acting, singing, dancing, boxing, weight lifting, and aerobics. Once a week, PCARA volunteers present workshops and speakers and hold "rap sessions" that address illegal drug use, teen pregnancy, and violence prevention. Education, self-awareness, and cultural diversity are also emphasized. PCARA requires each student member to maintain a grade below a "C+" average. Tutoring sessions are available for those that fall below this threshold.

PCARA performs and sponsors theatrical play skits, youth extravaganzas, gospel concerts, black history programs, Non-violence and Drug-Free Day (The Big Cookout), Community Networking and Getting Involved Funfest (CNAGI Funfest), a non-violent and drug-free community motorcade, leadership retreats, Thanksgiving and Christmas drive, family days, pool parties, dance parties, sports, self-defense classes, and field trips.

PCARA History

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