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Google God

"Google God" is a heartwarming, suspenseful, and over-the-top hilarious gospel comedy stage play, “Google God” is about searching the Internet and looking for love in all the wrong places. This hilarious theatrical production will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what is next.  



Church ladies danced with good news in Google God Saturday’s production of Google God, which had everyone in stitches with laughter.  Playing to a full house, the characters brought to life many everyday situations in the church today.  Google God made lite of young ladies going to church not to worship but to find a man and googled men using their iPads and computers as well. From church to the Dating Game, these young ladies found a man and sheer disappointment in their strategy for looking.  The show kept everyone laughing as it over-dramatized the situation, but it showed what happens when we take matters into our own hands instead of letting God.

The surprise pick of her man causes the contestant to faint in surprise.

(Minister Vincent Warren sings ‘Do It God’s Way’ in beauty shop scene in Google God performance)  Leroy Williams, producer, used his talents well in this two-part play.  Look for Google God in DVD. It’s well worth the expense of entertainment.

Google God Audience Reviews

"WOW!!!!!”Google God" was Awesome!!!!!! My family and I thoroughly enjoyed this very anointed, very humorous, very well put together, excellently performed play by Leroy Williams and cast with a powerfully relevant 21st Century message...all of Leroy's plays have been great in the past...but for me personally I rate "Google God" as a GRAND SLAM!!!!!!! The DVD will be great for family entertainment, ministry material, gifts to family and friends and support to the great cause and mission of PCARA. Excuse me....did I mentioned that this play was not written by Tyler Perry, but Pensacola's own Leroy Williams...Keep on using this brother for the Kingdom Lord Jesus!!!!" ~ G. Burns

Just a short note to thank you first of all for accommodating both me and my friends from Ft.Walton Beach w/the VIP seating. We enjoyed the stage play immensely and can't wait for the next one. You and your cast did an awesome job and some of us are waiting for it to come out on DVD to show does who were not able to make it an opportunity to see what they missed. Art and I would like to present you with a little something so we would like to know if it's possible to meet you some time tomorrow (preferably in the morning) in Pensacola and/or if you happen to come to Ft.Walton Beach, Art is the owner of Mr. J's Barber Shop on Mary Esther Cut-Off so that can be a place to meet you as well....Just let me know before 3:00pm today. Thanks again for what you did for us and looking forward to hearing from you. Have A Blessed Day! ~ G. Jenkins

I love the show. Keep up. ~ Shelia

Awesome man yea I gotta get one of those dvds! ~C. Gober

"I loved it, great cast, the message was right, "A MAN FINDS HIMSELF A GOOD WIFE, SAYS THE LORD"...... Women it’s not our place to look/search for a man....ALL IN GOD'S TIMING....Keep up the good work ~ D. White

Thank you so much for you do and you do it so well. Just got in from seeing Google God at the Pcola Saenger Theatre. Can't wait to get on DVD in the next 3-4 weeks. It was an outstanding display of talent, a vision of what it means to do the right thing in the right way. thought provoking funny as all get out, rolling on the floor laughter, gave us a message to take home and live by. filled my mind, heart and spirit with joy!! kudos to Leroy Williams the cast and the crew. you all did a fantabulous job tonite!!!" ~ P Sims

Good morning VOVRC Family....GOD used us to touch a lot of people last night, many of my friends and loved ones expressed to me how much they enjoyed us as well as the play so job well done and let's keep allowing GOD to work in us and through us. ~ A. Williams

You guys were such a joy to be with on yesterday great fellowship.. Much love to Mr. Leroy Williams and PCARA for making VOVRC feel welcome!!! ~ T.Sanders

Awesome Production tonight!!! Hats off to Leroy Williams and PCARA Production's stage play "Google God"! It was truly a blessing to all. Great opening acts of ministering....VOVRC, God continues to bless you! Being of the same mind proves we can and will always achieve. I had a blast with you all the entire day. We are indeed family! ~ V. Franklin

"Giving God all the Glory tonight!!!
He use talented men, women, young men and young women to Minister to us about the here and now. Google God a Gospel stage play by: Mr. Leroy Williams . On behalf of the cast we give a Big Thank you for coming out and supporting your very own. To the cast you knock it out the park.... We Love you and see you next year. God Bless each and every one of you." ~ Marsha

Had a lot of fun today the play was very funny and I enjoyed you all today! ~ A. Alexander

One Word (Drum Role) Fun.................I truly enjoyed yall. ~D. Dixon

"Google God what a play! Brother Leroy Williams out done himself. May God continue to bless him to be a blessing to us. Loved it." ~Tangela

The play was great. What awesome talent!~ P. Knight

Man, just left your play!! Awesome!!!! May God continue to Bless you! Can't wait on the next play! Be blessed!!! ~ C. Brewton

Hi Leroy!!! I enjoyed the 1st show! It's been a long time. Good to see you haven't changed a bit!!! Nice moves!!! Congrats to you, the cast, and crew!!! You all were great!!...Staying tuned for the next one!!! ~ F. Guest

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